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Piston Dead Stop, M10 x 1.00, Used to find Top Dead Center (TDC)

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Every shop or owner who works on their own car needs one of these tools to make life easier!

The use of a dead stop is easiest and most accurate way to find Top Dead Center (TDC) when doing engine work and valve timing.

This tool was designed specifically for the Ferrari F355 or Ferrari 355F1. However, the tool may be used on other makes / models that have the same thread. As we obtain feedback for the community we will add a list of makes / models the tool will accommodate.

Made from stainless steel, this tool features an M10 x 1.00 thread (same as the spark plug), a knurl at the end of the body and a 6mm internal hex for an allen key. We've made the tool long to make installation and remove easy. It comes with a plastic case to protect the threads when not in use and is laser etched for identification of thread size and part number.

A user's manual and videos are coming soon.

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