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Ferrari 355 HVAC Overlay, Fahrenheit

Ferrari 355 HVAC Overlay, Fahrenheit

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Is your HVAC Panel Sticky and Bubbling? If so, Sticky RX Refinishing Solutions has the perfect fix! We are pleased to announce our new Factory Correct HVAC Panel Overlay.

For many years the only option on the market was another overlay by a different manufacture. While it was decent, it’s just not factory correct. We have gone through great effort to match the factory graphics, fonts and line widths when creating this new overlay. The overlay is thicker than the factory material which will prevent bubbling over time.

NOTE: These overlays are not soft touch material - for soft touch overlays, please see our GEN II overlays.

While we offer this overlay for the Do-It-Yourself folks, we highly recommend our turn-key refinishing service for HVAC panels. Our turnkey service includes:

  • Full disassembly
  • Removal of the old overlay
  • Preparing of the panel - stripping the panel, dials and buttons
  • Refinishing the outer rim of the panel, dials, buttons
  • Laser etching the graphics on the 2 buttons
  • Painting the dial indicators so they illuminate at night as they should
  • Overlays installation and reassembly.

If you are interested in the turnkey service, please contact us:

We warranty this overlay for 5 years (from date of purchase) against bubbling or coating failure (sticky) Please note: Improper installation is not covered under warranty. Please carefully look your overlay over prior to installation, once installed, or attempted to be installed, we can not be liable for any defects. Rigorous inspection has gone into these prior to packaging.

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